Where I Am From

Poems by Roberta Taylor

by: Roberta Taylor

Roberta Taylor’s poetry is a great discovery. Within it, she is constantly discovering herself, and the human adventure of all of us, poem by poem, line by line, image by image. She seeks and finds—and confesses that sometimes she loses—the “magic word that / lights the void…// the / song that wakes or breaks or makes / the world // The / word it listens to!” The delighted and delightful, and profound, surprise of that final line, that final exclamation point, is Taylor’s signature: there is always one more discovery around her every corner.

In Taylor’s book, listeners will discover that “They have been / asked to Dance / at the wedding of Heaven and Earth”. They will discover it in wonderful poems that sometimes have a tang of William Blake, John Clare, Emily Dickinson—in many poetic techniques, in many tones, there are discoveries on every page.

— A. F. Moritz, Poet Laureate of Toronto 2019-2023

We worked closely with the author and her collaborators to provide structural editing, copy editing, and in-design proofreading, as well as design and publishing services, establishing Roberta’s author platform on Amazon. We also wrote and designed a poster to advertise the book’s availability on Amazon. Roberta launched her book at a coffee shop in Toronto and continues to promote and sell her creation one-on-one within her communities.